PLKB Twister


PLKB Twister



PLKB Twister

From the Manufacturer:The PLKB Twister is the undisputed airtime champion in the fixed bridle arena and has been putting smiles on the faces of adrenaline junkies all over the world for almost a decade.

Its renowned jumping ability combined with its direct controls offers an ambitious pilot a great airtime machine with more than enough power to lift your powerkiting to new levels. It features a mid to high aspect ratio which makes it fast and powerful while its performance profiles ensure maximum control and performance.


  • Large Wind Range
  • Good Lift
  • Amazing Stability
  • Smooth and Predictable Power Delivery

Control Options

The PLKB Twister comes complete and ready to fly with lines, two separate control handles and kite killers. For pilots that may prefer to fly the Twister on a control bar, we offer two add on options.

First is the standard 4-line control bar, then there is the ultimate 4-line cross-over control bar.


CAUTION: These kites can create tremendous pull which can be dangerous even for the most inexperienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all liability for the safe and proper use of this product.

Additional information

Size Options

PLKB Twister 3.0m, PLKB Twister 4.0m, PLKB Twister 5.0m, PLKB Twister 6.5m


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