Peter Lynn Radical Seat Harness


Peter Lynn Radical Seat Harness



The Radical seat harness is designed for optimum comfort while kiting. The Radical has been developed to distribute the load comfortably over the body, no matter where the kite is flying in the wind window. The harness is fitted with an extra soft back support and soft neoprene leg straps. The harness is made from first-rate and hard-wearing materials and has webbing straps running through the harness for maximum durability. The Radical harness features a grab handle and solid leash attachments on the back.

The harness is supplied with a spreader bar pad preventing the spreader bar from digging into your chest and protecting your clothing if you are using a wheel spreader. (spreader bar is not included)

Available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL, either as harness only or add a Bullet, Prodigy or standard spreader bar.

XS: 82 to 96cm (32″ to 38″)
S: 86 to 102cm (34″ to 40″)
M: 94 to 110cm (37″ to 43″)
L: 104 to 121cm (41″ to 48″)
XL: 118 to 134cm (47″ to 53″)

Size Options

XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Accessory Options

Harness Only, Add Standard Spreader, Add Bullet Spreader, Add Spinning Wheel Spreader, Add Prodigy Wheel Spreader


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