Frequently Asked Questions


Since the majority of the name brand manufacturers we represent set their prices based on the US dollar (USD), our prices fluctuate based on the strength of Canadian dollar (CAD) to the USD.

All products ordered have already been imported into Canada by HorizonKites and Kiteboarding. Any import duties and clearing fees imposed by Canada Customs have already been paid in full.

At the present time, online purchases made from HorizonKites and Kiteboarding can be paid for by one of three methods.

MasterCard or VISA credit card: These transactions will be handled through our business account portal with Global Payments. PLEASE NOTE: We will only ship to the card holders registered billing address.

PAYPAL: Use your MasterCard, VISA or American Express cards via our PayPal portal.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only ship to the PAYPAL account owners registered address.

INTERAC Email Money Transfer: “E-Transfers” are available through your online banking portal from chartered banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. Place your order, and then email your payment separately to

Items ordered to be shipped to a third party address, must be pre-pay using INTERAC Email Money Transfer option.

Those who prefer may order via mail. Payment must be included and can be made by credit card, money order or certified cheque. Personal cheques are acceptable; however shipment of order will be delayed until funds are released.


Except in an unusual circumstance, all orders will be shipped from our retail store located in Welland, Ontario, via Canada Post Expedited Parcel and will require a signature upon receipt.

Other couriers may be used if specifically requested, however if the cost exceeds that which we have allowed under our flat fee system, the difference will be added to the invoice.

Shipping Rates are based on a flat fee system and are dependent on the total value of the order prior to the addition of any taxes or shipping charges.

They are as follows: 0-$74.99: $18; $75-$149.99: $22.50; $150-$299.99: $27.50; $300-$599.99: $34; $600-$999.99: $50; $1,000-$1,499.99: $60; $1,500-$1,999.99: $75; $2,000-$2,999.99: $90; $3,000-$3,999.99:$100.00; $4,000-$4,999.00: $125.00

Some exceptions apply where due to excessive weight, length, or remote, poorly serviced locations, shipping will be quoted on an individual basis. (ie Peter Lynn Buggies, large wingspan fixed frame kites, Yukon, Nunavut, NWT, etc.). The base shipping rates to these locations have have as follows: 0-$74.99: $27.50; $75-$149.99: $32.50; $150-$299.99: $37.50; $300-$599.99: $42.50; $600-$999.99: $60.00; $1,000-$1,499.99: $72.50; $1,500-$1,999.99: $85; $2,000-$2,999.99: $100; $3,000-$3,999.99:$120.00; $4,000-$4,999.00: $140.00.

An “Oversized Surcharge” will be added to orders where the length of the packaged product exceeds the maximum allowed by Canada Post. Their surcharge amount is $10 and will be added to the invoice.

Odd shaped and overweight items are also subject to oversize charges. In most cases we have added a nominal fee based on our experience, but orders will be packaged and weighed to determine final shipping cost and invoices will be adjusted as required.

For orders to be shipped outside of Canada, please contact us beforehand for a quote.

Shipments outside of Canada may be subject to import duties and local taxes which are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Items in stock will ship within 24 hours, out of stock items will ship as soon as new inventory arrives.

Privacy and Warranty

Each product manufacturer has its own warranty policies. If an item becomes damaged, shows excessive wear under normal use or appears to be defective in manufacture, you must contact them directly.

HorizonKites and Kiteboarding are sales agents only and cannot make warranty determinations for the manufacturer.

We will however provide you with any contact information needed to make your inquiries.

All information supplied by customers when opening an account, or making a purchase, is held in the strictest confidence.

No data whatsoever will be sold or otherwise distributed to a third party.

Returns are subject to a restocking fee unless they have been shipped to you in error. Returns must be authorized by HorizonKites and Kiteboarding prior to return.

All returns must include a copy of the original invoice and be safely re-packed. Responsibility for the safe return of these items remains solely with the customer. Returned items will be inspected for damage prior to issuing a credit.

Exchanges must be authorized before item is returned. Item to be exchanged must arrive at our store unused, damage free and in original packaging. You are responsible for return shipping as well as shipping charges for exchanged items.
Shipping charges are NOT refundable.

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