PLKB Lynx V5


PLKB Lynx V5


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PLKB Lynx V5

The PLKB Lynx V5 is built to be a reliable companion for free ride snow adventures. With its medium Aspect Ratio, open cell depower foil with a safety 5th line, the Lynx is the most stable kite out there. Thanks to the new ‘Stop ‘n Go’ system, which makes every adventure safe, you will never have to compromise on fast turns and slopes.

The PLKB Lynx V5 makes free ride snowkiting easy to get into and enjoy to the max. Lay the first tracks and experience the crunching sound of fresh powder on white covered terrains. The thrill of riding off the beaten tracks, surrounded by the peace and silence of exploring outside busy ski resorts, is within anyone’s grasp with the Lynx. Fly the Lynx with a Magnet bar for the best performance.

PLKB Lynx V5 Tech Specs

Tension Strap

The tension strap is a technology borrowed from the Peter Lynn twin skin kites. It’s function is to reduce the tension on the bottom skin allowing it to bulge optimally.

Mesh Covered , Reinforced Air Intakes

Special “snag-free” gauze over the air intakes keeps snow and debris out of the kite. These covered air intakes are also reinforced with webbing sewn into the seams resulting in a very strong construction which helps maintain inlet shape.

Spliced and Stitched, Kook Proof Bridle Loops

In high end kites that need to endure extreme use and heavy loads, a dependable connection to the kite is paramount. To ensure that strong dependable connection, the PLKB Lynx V5 uses a heavy duty Samson Dyneema line which is spliced and stitched to reduce unwanted drag.

Stop and Go Safety System

The Lynx is equipped with a stop and go safety system which guarantees 100% depower. This system is also completely free of tangles  allowing easy relaunch within seconds. The stop and go system can also be used to safely land and secure the Lynx on the ground.

Double Stitched X Shaped, Dacron Reinforced Bridle Points

Due to the amount of power that bridle points endure throughout the life of the kite, these points have been reinforced with a Dacron patch cross stitched onto the profile. This makes the bridle points on the Lynx the strongest, most durable and safest on the market.

High Quality RONSTAN ORBIT Pulleys

The speed system on the PLKB Lynx  V5 runs on Ronstan Orbit 20 pulleys which guarantee a secure connection to your kite.

Secured Bridle Points

The brake bridle points on the Lynx have been moved away from the trailing edge to ensure the kite maintains it’s shape when cranking the bar. This results in enhanced control and stability maintained throughout the kites entire wind range.

MIRAI High Tenacity Fabric

The ultimate combination of high tenacity and light weight canopy fabric was chosen with optimal strength, durability and performance in mind.

PLKB Lynn V5 Wind Range Chart

WIND RANGE (80kg Rider)
17-65km/h (9-40mph)
15-50km/h (9-31mph)
13-46km/h (8-29mph)
11-37km/h (7-23mph)

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CAUTION: These kites can create tremendous pull which can be dangerous even for the most experienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all liability for their safe and proper use.

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