Peter Lynn Divine Seat Harness


Peter Lynn Divine Seat Harness


The Divine seat harness is a new seat harness designed specifically for buggy racing. Most harnesses used by buggy riders are traction kiting harnesses, designed to fit the body comfortably while the rider is in a standing position. However, in a seated position these harnesses are not very comfortable when riding for extended periods of time. In addition to fitting the rider comfortably while seated, the Divine harness is manufactured to be extremely smooth around the back to allow easy movement in the buggy seat.

The Divine harness is supplied with a spreader bar pad for more comfort as well as protecting clothing such as expensive dry suits from getting damaged. (spreader bar is not included)

Available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL, either as harness only or add a Bullet, Prodigy or standard spreader bar.

XS: 82 to 96cm (32″ to 38″)
S: 86 to 102cm (34″ to 40″)
M: 94 to 110cm (37″ to 43″)
L: 104 to 121cm (41″ to 48″)
XL: 118 to 134cm (47″ to 53″)

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Size Options

XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Accessory Options

Harness Only, Add Standard Spreader, Add Challenger Wheel Spreader, Add Bullet Wheel Spreader, Add Spinning Spreader, Add Prodigy Wheel Spreader


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