Peter Lynn XPLORE Discovery Pack (No longer in production)


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Peter Lynn XPLORE Discovery Pack (No longer in production)


Peter Lynn XPLORE Discovery Pack

From the Manufacturer: The Peter Lynn Xplore is the perfect 3/line snowkite trainer. So, it will get you going on a board or skis with ease. It’s ease of use combined with the kites stability makes for a kite that is fun to fly. The 4m2 canopy ensures enough power in light to medium wind conditions or good power in stronger winds for the more experienced riders. The control bar makes steering natural and you can even ride it with one hand if you´re up for it. From beginner to winner, this kite takes you where you want to go!

Peter Lynn Discovery Pack Characteristics

Stable and forgiving:

At Peter Lynn we pride ourselves in creating extremely stable wings. The Xplore is no exception. The kites stability ensures you have a comfortable and easy ride without having to worry about luffing or collapsing even in the sometimes gusty conditions we all encounter at times.

Quick and easy relaunch:

The third line makes it extremely easy to launch and land your kite. It also makes it easy to relaunch the kite after landing it nose down. Just pull the third line in and the kite will launch backwards.

Constant pull throughout the wind window:

The Xplore’s reliable pull makes it easy to just park the kite while riding. The Xplore is especially adapted for the ‘park ‘n ride’ style of flying any newcomer to the sport will appreciate.

XPLORE Discovery Pack Includes:

  • Xplore kite
  • Xplore backpack
  • 3-line Tracer control bar
  • 300/150 daN Dyneema® line set
  • Peter Lynn 3-line kite manual
  • Safety leash
  • Peter Lynn Base harness
  • Standard spreader bar

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