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Peter Lynn Raw


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Peter Lynn Raw

From the Manufacturer: The name says it all! The Peter Lynn Raw is our brand new 5 line wakestyle kite made for maximum pop and slack line, created only for those who want to push their wakestyle riding. Featuring a 5th line, the Raw is all about power, tricks and speed. It’s built for explosive pops, direct feel and slack during your unhooked tricks. The Raw’s 5 strut design makes this kite strong, stable and predictable during tricks. Is a one handle-pass trick not enough for you? Or are you ready to take your megaloops, boogie loops and big air tricks to the next level? Then you will definitely want to try this brand new Raw monster!


Hardcore 5 Line C-Shape

The particular feeling of a traditional 5 line kite is unmatched. A deep C shape with a lean LE create maximum power build-up and minimal pull on the lines during a trick.

Powerful Pop and Great Slack During Tricks

The Raw is made for ultimate power built-up and explosive release when you pop from the water. After that, it’s pure silence in which you can focus. Designed with 5-struts, the Raw has a stiff frame that maintains its shape and stability during tricks and megaloops.

Direct Fell and Kite Feedback

The Raw’s direct feel and kite feedback give the rider a feeling of trust and control that inspire confidence from the first launch. The Raw’s pulley-less bridles and stiff frame make the kite responsive and direct so that you can place it exactly where you want it. The short bridle makes it turn fast and as tight as you want, a great feature to bust out kite loops.

Explosive Boost

The Raw’s freestyle character comes out in its explosive nature. Due to the pure C-shape, the RAW creates a powerful boost for your big air jumps and shoots you into the sky for your megaloops.

WIND RANGE (75kg rider)

Wind Speed km/h
Bar Size

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CAUTION: These kites can create tremendous pull which can be dangerous even for the most experienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all liability for their safe and proper use.

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Model Options

PL Raw 7.0m, PL Raw 9.0m, PL Raw 11.0m, PL Raw 13.0m

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