New Inventory Items

Peter Lynn Linx V5

COVID-19 sure has put unusual pressure on much of the off shore manufacturing sector. Manufacturers have been busy playing catch-up with orders for recreational products and materials long sold out at retail outlets. We’ve had to pre-order quantities based on estimates of our future needs for six or more months. New product received is then […]

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Ozone Ignition V3 Trainer


The Ozone Ignition V3 trainer is a three line open cell, frameless foil kite flown from a short bar as a kiteboarding learning tool. It’s been a long and difficult sixteen months or so for everyone since COVID-19 has come into our lives. While we have closed our storefront for a number of months over […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to HorizonKites and Kiteboarding. Since returning to Ontario, and opening our combo board game cafe / kite shop, we have been updating our inventory. Included is an expanded line of single and dual line kites geared more for the over the counter customer, as well as kiteboarding/landboarding crowd. Most exciting is the launch of […]

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