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Peter Lynn Synergy


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Peter Lynn Synergy

From the Manufacturer: The Peter Lynn Synergy was designed to be the lightest inflatable kite in our inflatable line, resulting in maximum light wind rider time on the water! We’re proud to introduce the new Synergy, the optimum feather-weight kite built with one strut and created to be powerful, super stable and easy to fly in the lightest of wind conditions. The Synergy ensures that you will always be able to kite, and never be on the sidelines when the wind is low or drops off!

The Synergy is designed to be the ultimate kite for hydrofoiling and riding in low wind conditions. It’s is especially ideal for travelling, since it’s so lightweight and compact that it can easily fit it in your hand luggage. If you’re ready for summer breezes and cruising into the sunset, the Synergy is the right kite for you!


Excellent Light Wind Performance

With its lightweight construction and great stability, the Synergy shows all its potential in light wind conditions. With the slightest breeze you’ll be the first one on the water. In all conditions, the kite will not front stall and you will always be able to steer it up from the edge of the window, even if you ride downwind. The biggest size you’ll ever need is 12m because it is just that good!

Clean Shape and Design

The Synergy comes with a brand new minimalistic look. Being designed with a well-balanced amount of profile panels, the canopy and leading edge have been made super smooth, allowing a clean airflow to let kite float even better and make it extra stable.

Direct Fell and Kite Feedback

The Synergy is incredibly light and extremely direct. It responds to commands super effectively and even if depowered, you can steer it quickly and precisely. This kite equals fun, be it on flat water or waves.

Light and Direct Turning

Built for hydrofoiling, the Synergy does not pull you off the hydrofoil but follows your every move, even upwind and downwind. Super fun to use in waves, the Synergy can be placed exactly where it needs to be and follows turns on flat water or on waves quickly. The Synergy feels really light on the bar, making it super comfortable to cruise around with for long sessions.

WIND RANGE (75kg rider)

Wind Speed Twintip km/h
Wind Speed Hydrofoil km/h
Bar Size

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CAUTION: These kites can create tremendous pull which can be dangerous even for the most experienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all liability for their safe and proper use.

Additional information

Model Options

PL Synergy 6.0m, PL Synergy 8.0m, PL Synergy 10.0m, PL Synergy 12.0m

Control Options

Without Bar and Lines, With Bar and Lines


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