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Peter Lynn Impulse TR Trainer


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Peter Lynn Impulse TR

The Peter Lynn Impulse TR Trainer makes your power kiting progression fun as well as challenging. The Impulse TR is safe, easy to fly and has a big wind range. It  flies easy in light winds so beginners can fly it with confidence, in higher winds and experience the power and excitement of a real power kite!

The Impulse TR is the perfect tool to introduce your kids, spouse, friends or family into the exhilarating world of traction kiting. Its stability and easy controls paired with its ‘bombproof’ construction ensure many hours of carefree kiting. The Impulse TR offers a fun and challenging learning curve towards mastering flying powerkites with a control bar.

Peter Lynn Impulse TR Characteristics

Huge usable wind range

The Impulse TR has a big wind range making it an excellent kite to speed progression. It flies very easy in light winds, so beginners feel safe and confident yet it also performs very well in high winds, where flying the Impulse TR can become quite a workout.

Safe & easy

The third line on the Impulse TR has a dual function. Firstly, it connects the trailing edge of the canopy to a wrist strap. Letting go of the bar results in the complete depower and collapse of the kite. Second it helps to relaunch the kite when  nose down on the ground.

Great stability

Designed as a trainer kite. The Impulse TR has been tuned to fly extremely stable in all kinds of conditions, to give the flyer a safe feeling and – above all – FUN experience at all times. The great stability ensures that you will be flying as much as possible without having to struggle to keep the kite in the air. In short, you can progress fast without hassle.

Easy controls

The Impulse TR is very easy to fly in its lower wind range. It responds exceptionally well to steering input and turns smoothly. As the Impulse TR is flown on a bar, the chance of over-steering the kite is reduced to zero. Its specially designed profiles ensure the perfect balance between speed & control and challenge & ease.

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