HQ4 Matrixx


HQ4 Matrixx


PLEASE NOTE: The Matrixx requires the use of a safety leash for flying. If you do not already have one on hand, be sure to order one by selecting the appropriate option below.

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HQ4 Matrixx

From the Manufacturer: The new HQ4 Matrixx is a versatile all-terrain kite. Several new details in the design give the kite a performance boost without losing its easy handling. The new kite flies more direct and gives a better feedback and feeling on the bar. Releasing the enormous lift will catapult riders to new heights.

HQ4 Matrixx Performance

The HQ4 Matrixx has been optimized for use on foil boards. The result is a stable, yet fast flying wing with reduced drag and an increased upwind ability. The easier a kite is to handle, the faster rider progression occurs. This all is what the new Matrixx is able to offer on any kind of traction sport on any terrain.

The HQ4 Matrixx offers a significant performance boost over its predecessor. The kite starts to pull a lot earlier and the new construction and higher AR give greater feedback to the pilot. Riders get significantly more power on demand and the increased lift is easier to unleash. Hang time continues to be a hallmark of the Matrixx.

HQ4 Matrixx Shape

The HQ4 Matrixx features a redesigned shape with a higher AR, more cells and newly positioned air-intakes for an increased level of performance. The new air-intakes support faster inflation and higher inner pressure of the kite that helps to stiffen and stabilize the shape.

HQ4 Matrixx Bridle

The bridle setup of the HQ4 Matrixx is a mix of high quality Dyneema lines. The main bridle is made out of strong, super thin, low elongation Dyneema to reduce drag in the air to a minimum. The mixer is built with long lasting Ronstan pulleys and pre-stretched Dyneema lines that are maintenance free. Even after hours of flying, there is no need to replace or adjust bridle lines.

HQ4 Matrixx Material

For the HQ4 Matrixx we only choose high end sail cloth. The combination of fabrics used creates a perfect balance. The larger sizes are light wind optimized and built with our super light and extreme durable 20D fabric. The 18 m²  Matrixx including bar and lines weights just 3.5 kg. To withstand the more explosive power delivery on the smaller sizes, these sails are produced with our well proofed 30D fabric.

CAUTION: These kites can create tremendous pull which can be dangerous even for the most experienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all liability for the safe and proper use of these kites.

Aspect Ratio
Wind Range
7.0 m
28 – 45 km/h (17 – 28 mph)
7.6 m
21 – 40 km/h (12 – 24 mph)
8.60 m
17 – 35 km/h (9 – 22 mph)
9.36 m
13 – 28 km/h (7 – 17 mph)
Safety Options

With Leash Line, Without Leash Line

Size Options

HQ4 Matrixx – 9.0m, HQ4 Matrixx – 12.0m, HQ4 Matrixx – 15.0m, HQ4 Matrixx – 18.0m

Control Options

With Bar and Lines, Without Bar and Lines


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