HQ Flow Form 2.0

HQ Flow Form 2.0

Flow Form 2.0 Specs

Width: 1.45m (57″)
Height: 2.00 (79″)
Wind Range: 12-49kph (8-31mph)
Recommended Line: 200lb.(not included)
Age: 14+

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These Flow Forms are made of nylon and require no rigid framing to achieve their shape. They are very elegant and efficient flyers with the larger sizes used as “sky anchors” to lift large line laundry or inflatable kites. They go up easy and stay up in a very wide wind range.

CAUTION: These kites can create tremendous pull which can be dangerous for the inexperienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all liability for their safe and proper use.

Additional information

Line Options

Line Not Included, 500' 200lb. Braided Dacron/8" Yo-yo Winder


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