Gomberg 11′ Ghost Delta


Gomberg 11′ Ghost Delta


11' Ghost Delta Specs

Size: 335x915cm (132″x360″)
Fabric: Taffeta
Frame: Fiberglass
Recommended Line: 250 lb. (Not Included)
Age: 14+



Gomberg 11′ Ghost Delta

Dominate the sky with this big Gomberg 11′ Ghost Delta with their long flowing taffeta tails. The secret is the lightweight ripstop sail that lets the Ghost Delta ¬†float on the lightest breeze.

Designed by Frank Schwiemann and licenced to G-Kites, the Gomberg 11′ Ghost Delta has long been a festival favourite. They are ideal for all kinds of wind and will lift tube tails and line art. Put one up at night and you’ll quickly see why people call these “ghosts.”

Additional information

Line Options

Line not Included, 330' 245lb. Blackline Dacron/8" Yo-yo Winder, 500' 250lb. Braided Dacron/8" Yo-yo Winder

Oversize Shipping

Oversize Shipping Surcharge included – See FAQ's (+$10.00)

Colour Options

White, Blue, Red


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