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Competition XR+ Buggy





From the Manufacturer: This popular Peter Lynn Competition+ buggy is a true ‘multi-purpose’ buggy. The Competition XR+ has extra thick tubes that will last a lifetime. The super strong connection points make the buggy very durable. The seat is fully reinforced and there’s extra padding in the seat and on the side frames. Therefore the Competition XR+ buggy is a lot more comfortable specially when riding for a longer time.

Not only is the Competition XR+ a perfect first buggy, it may be the only buggy you ever need. The centre of gravity is nicely balanced and combined with the durability this makes the Competition XR+ an excellent buggy for doing tricks. Due to its huge range of accessories it can be customized and upgraded to suit your individual requirements..

Characteristics and features:

  • Balanced centre of gravity for doing tricks like 360’s with ease.
  • Extra reinforced stainless steel frame by increased wall thickness and reinforced connections.
  • Stainless steel bolts.
  • Large front fork ready to fit an extra wide wheel.
  • Double crown front fork for extra durability and strength.
  • 2-Bolt adjustable down tube connection.
  • Specially curved side frames to ensure good side body grip.
  • Luxury padded seat ensuring a correct body position for endless hours of riding.
  • 40mm Diameter back axle with 20mm wheel bolts ensure maximum strength.
  • 20mm Rear sealed cartridge style bearings, for an extra smooth ride & durability.
  • XR compatibility to easily upgrade your buggy and make it fit your style of riding.
  • Delivered complete with tools for easy assembly.

Please Note:

This package is a collection of replacement parts from our inventory. They are original equipment as manufactured and distributed by Peter Lynn, but do not include an original box nor does it include the adjustable wrenches that were part of the original Competition XR+ kit.
Included are:

  • 2 – stainless steel side rails
  • 2 – heavy nylon padding sleeves for side rails
  • 1 – centre stainless steel down tube
  • 1 – standard stainless steel front fork and axle assembly including spacers and wheel bushings
  • 2 – stainless steel foot pegs including rubber foot grips
  • 1 – 90cm wide rear stainless steel axle including 2 – 20mm dia. stainless steel axle bolts
  • 1 – deluxe heavy nylon padded seat assembly
  • 1 – heavy nylon splash guard.
  • 3 – wheels (size as selected) including rim and bearing assembly
  • 1 – Buggy User Manual with assembly instructions.

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Wheel Options

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