AeroKite is a flying kite plane that harkens back to a bygone era. Like the yoyo or the boomerang, it has the ability to capture the imagination with both its aerodynamics and its nostalgia. AeroKite features rotating wings that provide excellent lift in all conditions. Couple that with the whirling of the wings, which creates a motor-like sound, and the nationalistic graphics, the AeroKite is a fun flying machine for kids of all ages.

Simply attach the line, release and watch the whirling wings climb into the sky. So easy to fly it is suitable for ages 5 and up yet fun for the whole family.

Recommended wind speed is 10 – 40 km/h (6-25 mph).

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Model Options

Canada, Britain, France

Line Options

120' 30lb. Twisted Line Included, 500' 30lb. Twisted Dacron on Spool


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