Peter Lynn Escape
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Peter Lynn Escape

Peter Lynn Escape
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The Peter Lynn Escape is the allround freeride/freestyle/wave kite with a medium Aspect Ratio and a 4 strut setup, for the best crossover between ease of use and accessible performance. The Escape is a kite that will be most valued by riders who want to improve their skills and progress. From wakestyle to ripping some waves and from the first jumps to new school kiteloops. This is a truly outstanding allround kite that takes riders to the next level. The feedback through the bar is so intuitive, the rider will feel assured from the start.

Riding the Escape in stronger winds, the rider will feel in control and can take advantage of the performance this kite has to offer. Big jumps and kiteloops can be handled with ease. In the lower wind range the kite is very forgiving and already offering performance.

This is one of the benefits of Peter Lynn designer excellence: lots of control, great bar feedback, superb turning speed: try it and you will be convinced. On top of that you can add a magnificent wind range and the Escape is the perfect kite for all dedicated kiters.

Escape 2012 Features:

  • Variable Medium Aspect Ratio - Smaller sizes have a lower AR to improve stability in strong winds, bigger sizes have a higher AR to optimise the kite's performance
  • 4 Strut rigid frame with reinforced Dacron Leading Edge
  • Direct connection struts with seam protection to prevent tears
  • Tejin Technoforce T9600 polyester canopy with Dimension Polyant Dacron reinforcements and wingtips
  • SLE concept Dyneema bridle with Riley pulleys and Samson M steel pulley lines
  • Single inflation system with neoprene covering on tubes and inflation points
  • Double layer trailing edge with Bisonyl canopy stitching reinforcements
  • Dacron usage on canopy, wingtips and struts is optimised for durability and weight
  • Closed cell EVA Leading edge protectors
  • Kook-proof line connector
  • Pump leash connector
  • 2012 Navigator SL bar, lines, carrying bag, travelskin and kitepump

Kite Package Contains:

  • Escape kite of size selected
  • Escape Backpack
  • Escape Travelskin
  • Peter Lynn 4-line LEI kite manual
  • Kite Pump
  • Basic repair kit
  • Peter Lynn promotional items
  • Navigator SL control bar 350/350 Dyneema flying line set

CAUTION: These kites create tremendous pull which can be dangerous even for the most experienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all liability for the safe and proper use of these kites.

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