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Peter Lynn Charger II


From the Manufacturer: The new Charger 2 has proven to be more stable, durable, adaptable and more capable of serving you excellent kiting performance then ever before. For this new iteration of the ultimate do it all kite we have taken all the best aspects of the original and combined it with the valuable user feedback we received since the original Charger's release, resulting in a kite which has the performance we intended but with the user-friendly aspects today's market demands.

Improved performance, developed in the most demanding conditions.
The team has put many new technologies into the kite to have you flying a top class product. The kite has been developed and improved for all conditions of the spectrum. Whether your are in the most absurd, washed-up, choppy, gusty and challenging conditions or the most ideal, stable and constant tropical conditions, the Charger will surprise you with its outstanding stability, improved and relaxing auto-zenith and its smooth but direct steering. The Charger is hardened by the rough elements of the North Sea and ready for whatever you or mother nature throws at it.

To go everywhere
Whether you go out for a blazing freestyle session on land, a wave ripping session on the water or a frosty ride in winter wonderland, the new Charger is the ultimate all discipline, all round and all conditions weapon of choice for riders that refuse to limit their kiting experience to just one discipline.

Flying Characteristics

Unbeatable stability and Auto-Zenith: A Peter Lynn Twinskin is the most stable kite for all conditions, it absorbs gusts and guarantees comfortable riding. The stability is enhanced by a perfectly balanced weight distribution which is tested in both specially designed real life and simulated test set-ups.

Clean airflow: Compared to tube kites, Twinskins have a much cleaner airflow around the wing. Both the topskin and the bottomskin are shaped for maximum performance and stability. The airflow around the Twinskin flies smoothly over the top and lower skin without distorting and/or creating turbulence, in comparison, the airflow on a tube kite goes smooth over the topskin but gets heavily distorted by the leading edge on the bottom skin. This distorted airflow has a negative effect on the performance of the tubekite. These airflow characteristics were studied and are the foundation on which the unique Twinskin shape was designed around.

Smooth flying & fast Turning: Big jumps are a piece of cake with the Charger and its quick turning makes it easy to bust out huge kite-loops. It's specially designed profile shape make for long floaty airtime and easy landings.

High wind excellence: The Charger has an incredibly large windrange, it can easily be flown in marginal conditions but it really starts to shine in higher winds, in fact, more wind actually makes it more stable. Higher winds are often punchy, this is where the flexibilty of Twinskins really kicks in, because Twinskins are not rigid shaped like LEI kites, Twinskins absorb gusts without the rider feeling these gusts on the bar, making for a comfortable ride even in uncomfortable conditions.

Easy water relaunch: When the kite crashes on the water, it is easy to relaunch. Because the complete kite is filled with air the kite can be re-launched easily since all water will slide off the kite. There are no parts that are under water and the taped seams prevent any air from escaping and prevent any water coming in. The shape of the kite forces the tips together which makes the kite roll over and relaunch.

Highly adaptable: The Charger can easily be tuned to personal preference or conditions, making it suitable for a broad range of riding styles and pilots of different skill levels.

WIND RANGE (75kg Rider)
43-63km/h (26-39mph )
33-54km/h (21-33mph )
35-59km/h (22-37mph )
30-54km/h (18-33mph )
30-52km/h (18-33mph )
24-44km/h (15-28mph )
20-41km/h (13-25mph )
15-41km/h (9-25mph )
17-33km/h (10-21mph )
11-31km/h (7-20mph )
8-31km/h (5-20mph )
9-24km/h (6-15mph )


  • Ultra light 30D Chikara fabric
  • Variable medium aspect ratio
  • Single pulley VPC system
  • Dual water resistant inflation zippers
  • VPC3 (Variable Power Control) system.
  • Triple layer technology
  • Patented concave leading edge
  • Kevlar reinforced spar pockets
  • Easton Compact sticks

Complete Package includes....

  • Charger kite with packing strap
  • Charger Expandable backpack
  • Charger Aluminium Compact sticks
  • Peter Lynn Sand/Snow bag
  • Instruction manual
  • Peter Lynn promotional items 
  • Navigator TS Bar with Dyneema flying lines
  • Safety Leash 

CAUTION: These kites create tremendous pull which can be dangerous even for the most experienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all liability for the safe and proper use of these kites.

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